Heathen Brewing | Behind the Scenes

Beer on Film

Go behind the scenes at this progressive, Vancouver brewery on brew day as Rodney Stryker and his team take us from concept to barrel. 

Production involved four separate Canon motion picture film cameras and three film stocks: During Part I, production involved Kodak's 500T testing the Canon 310XL and Canon 512XL Super 8mm cameras. For Part II, we shot Fuji 250D from Pro8mm on a refurbished Canon 814 Super 8mm camera. The final section from 02:56 to 04:13 was shot using Kodak 7222, 16mm black and white negative on a Canon Scoopic 16m. The incredible soundtrack is "Progress" by Tony Allen.

:30 Second Spot

From this footage, we whittled out a shorter television-style spot to highlight Heathen's barrel program. In this spot, Rodney Stryker, co-founder of Heathen Brewing in Vancouver, Washington, performs a quality check on a barrel of bourbon barrel aged vanilla stout. Their barrel aged and sour beer programs are highlights of their aggressively progressive approach to craft beer. Production involved Kodak 16mm black and white negative 7222 film stock and a refurbished Canon Scoopic 16m. Score: "Wait & See" by Xperiment.