Central Oregon Wedding | Katie + Mark

An Oregon Wedding Film

Even months later, its still hard to put this day into words. Katie and Mark, dear friends, invited us to capture their celebration at the House on Metolius in Central Oregon. Their day started slow — cozy and drizzly. Guests arrived, the rain lifted, and all were treated to a touchingly personal ceremony, overlooking the winding Metolius river. As the sun set, a memorable Oregon feast unfolded into an evening of dance that stretched long into the cool night. 


To tell such condensed stories, we are inevitably left with mountains of moments that are left out. Here are a couple we couldn't help but share. The first is a version of the day comprised exclusively of Super 8 film. The cameras struggled a bit in the weather but the film still offers a classic montage of the day. The second is an accapella foot-stomper, sung by Katie’s uncles we couldn't resist sharing. Because, more than anything, this wedding was a damn good time.