There are deeper strata of truth in cinema...poetic, ecstatic, truth.
— Werner Herzog

the process

My services center around you. As a filmmaker, my job is to pay very close attention to you, your family, and the setting you chose for your wedding. And to translate all of that into the language of film.

This is done by making choices. Choices about what to record, what not to record, when to record, for how long. This is the skill that I’ve developed over my career as a filmmaker and this is the skill I offer to you.

The Package

Every package includes four rolls of film and eight hours of coverage, wherever you choose to celebrate across the world. The film is then digitally scanned, edited down, and set to a licensed soundtrack that matches with your, unique story. I deliver the highlight to you online for easy sharing and archiving.

But the real treasure of my packages are the original film negatives. No one knows how long digital storage will last. We just don't know yet. Right now, the longest lasting visual archival method is film. And every package includes the entire original film negative of your wedding. Well kept, it will last for over 100 years.

If this sounds like the experience you're looking for, please contact me for more information.

The Ethics

Filmmaking affects a lot of people. Choosing to have your celebration documented on film supports numerous, living-wage craftspeople across the country.

The film itself is made in the USA by workers earning a living-wage. The vintage cameras are repaired here too by experienced camera technicians. Finally, the exposed film is processed and scanned in California by a dedicated team of artisans, helping keep the American film tradition alive.

By ensuring fair treatment for everyone involved in your film, together, we can make a more just and more sustainable industry. I hope you'll join me!





One cinematographer

Eight hours of coverage

Four rolls of film

High definition scans

Five minute highlight

A licensed soundtrack

Digital delivery

The original negative